Sunday, April 10, 2011

My Ans to Robert Scoble Google's social strategy aricle

Here is the link to the article

And here is the comment i made there

Rob I think you are right on Google. In fact what you suggest Google give me tools how to waste time like what my friends are wasting time watching is one of the few strategies Google has to implement. It is a must for next fight in social networks. And its just one of the things that will come handy to Google to fight Facebook.

But then there are some things which I call "Users data generated for User" - Not my friends data but my own data generated and presented to me in such a way that i like to see it. This is something I think will be sticking point for any "social network". For example I am a believer twitter is very much like MySpace right now before Facebook. It is huge because of viral effect. But there is no sticking point. Facebook came up with a better interface and design and my social graph moved on and so did I. Twitter I feel there is no sticking point. Its just waiting for another and better twitter to come and take its position. My own data would prevent me from hopping from one site to another as i would not want to build up new data again and again. So it will pull back my social graph from moving. Google if implements something along those lines would be able to check in Facebook's growth. But If Facebook implements that, it will be even more difficult for Google to kill it.

Also talking about Google's culture, I have always felt Google has a very arrogant attitude towards the users and think whatever they think is right. Like Buzz, they created so much of privacy issue that users didn't stick on. Facebook privacy issue has been a problem but it wasn't adding people to friends list on its own. Plus i can email a million people but they are not my friends so importing that was horrible. Then there was Gmail folder and label thing. They eventually got folder but initially it was only label.
Also Ive heard lot of horrible stories around hiring product guys at Google for whom the founders have little respect which makes everyone in charge very technical and thus everyone thinking on same plane.
Also, Google should have offered Zynga lot of money when there were difference between Facebook and Zynga last year. Zynga still being there on Facebook makes Zynga stronger but it makes strong Facebook more like invincible.

Anyhow coming back to Google's future in social strategy, I think Google needs to have:

- At least one landing page for social (Buzz inside of Gmail creates fear and hate than love)
- Something different and more than Facebook (Like Users data for User to play with) (along with Facebook stuff if Google is desperate)
- Target to kill twitter as its very much like Myspace before Facebook and replace with Google's twitter. Maybe part of Google's Social Landing Page
- Strategies like +1 should be launched along with other social strategies else if there is a viral effect with something like this dies down by the time the next product is launched.
- Tells me how to waste my time better
- Ease of using "My Internet Identities"
- Add my non social identity/tools to social landing page
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